1. Introduction Check List 2. How to Bet 3. Types of Wagering 4. 10 Step Avoid & Pursue
Any person contemplating to undertake a journey into Australian Horse Racing, must first understand and deploy some really simple guidelines. 1. If you have family or friends who rely on you for financial support, do not gamble 2. Only gamble what you can afford to lose 3. Never borrow money for the purposes of gambling 4. Never lend money to anyone for the purposes of gambling 5. Use only one bank for your wagering, keep t separate from your daily living account 6. Maintan accurate & detailed records of every wager, so you can analyse every wager 7. Maintain detailed & accurate profit/loss leger, so you know exactly how much you win/lose at any time 8. Utilise a tried and successful approach 9. Utilise a solid, rational staking plan 10. Slowly, methodically build your bank, avoid trying to win large amounts of money in one bet 11. Concentrate 100% on your punting when at the track or wagering at home. Either punt or be social, avoid doing both simultaneously.mixing the two.
As racing has evolved into the 21st century, many new forms of wagering have become more prevalent. In olden times, win betting was the king, with place, quinellas, and doubles betting the only options for punters. Here we explain the different ways punters can invest on Australian horse racing. Win Bet Obviously the horse must win to collect Place Bet Your selection must run in the first three to collect in fields of 8 or more. In fields of 5-7, your horse must place first or second, while in fields of 4 or less, there is no place betting Quinella Select two horses to finish first & second in any order Exacta Select one horse to win, another to finish second to collect Trifecta Select the first three horses in correct order to collect. Punters can take “box” trifectas, which means you can box 3, 4 or more horses to finish in any order to collect. Box trifectas cost much more because there are far more winning combinations First Four Select the frst four horses in a race in correct order to collect. Again, punters can box as many horses as they wish to collect if the selections finish in any oreder, however the costs will rise as the combinations rise. Treble Select the winners of three niminated races. Quadrella Punters must select the winners of four specifically nominated races to collect. For an outlay of $1, punters may select one horse n each race, or leg, of the quaddie. Investments will rise if more than one selection is made in any of the four races, as combinations will increase. Race To Race Double Punters need to select the winners of two successive races on one program Big 6 Select the winners of 6 nominated races Parlay Punters select the winners of multiple races of their own choice Trio Select the first 3 place getters of a race in any order All Up Multi Punters select two or more winners in any events for any bet type to win
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1 	Avoid rain affected tracks2 	Avoid Fillies & Mares races3 	Avoid first starters4 	Avoid double figure barriers5 	Avoid inexperienced apprentices6 	Avoid betting in big fields7 	Look for fit, in form horses8 	Look for horses that have won at the distance9 	Look for horses that have won at the track10 	Select leading jockeys
There are three legal ways to wager on Australian horse racing. Go to a registered racecourse, attend a venue with a TAB or bet at home using your computer. At the track, punters are given options to bet with a bookmaker or investing with the Totalisator. Bookies offer fixed odds betting on every race. These odds will fluctuate during betting according to the amount of money bookies take on each individual runner. Odds are offered in decimal units, eg $3.00, so if the horse wins you receive $3 for every dollar invested. Bookies give punters a ticket or receipt for ever wager,giving details of the bet including race number, horse namd and number, amount invested, and return should the runner win. Tickets should be checked to ensure all details are correct. A Totalisator (or “Tote”) is a pari mutuel system where all monies invested go into a pool, when the race is resulted, the pool is divided up between the winners after the hosts take out a commission. Totalisators offer many different wagering options these days, check out “Types of Wagering” for more details. When at home, punters are able to open accounts via the inter net with the TAB (or Tote) or around 70 corporate bookmakers who operate online web sites that allow punters to place investments with a few clicks of the mouse. It is literally as simple as opening an account with one of these organisations, depositing funds into your account, then you can start placing bets. Check out this link for more information. Please be advised punters should take extreme caution when betting online until all facets of the gambling web sites become familiar, It is very easy to make a mistake, and it is rare refunds are offered for mistakes. Please take your time, check tickets before confirming bets.