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Racing Industry Hearings There have been several unsavoury incidents in the horse racing industry in recent years. Cobalt use Australa wide, alleged use of jiggers, horses being tubed on race day to improve performance and many more. We are certainly not here to exercise an opinion on whether one person is guilty or not guilty. We are here to voice our opinion on the length of time taken for regulators to hear the cases in question and their appeals. Now we will state we agree all persons charged are entitled to the presumption of innocence so they can have their day in court, however, surely these cases should be heard in a far more speedy manner. The “Aquanita” case took years to be settled, as did the Victorian cobalt charges against the Hopes, Mark Kavanagh and Danny O’Brien. Now in Queensland we see Ben Currie waiting 11 months to have his case heard following his stables being raided in April 2018. Not only is the length of time disreputable for the racing industry, rumous and inuendo abounds throughout the community about each and every one. And in some cases, legal team for some defendants deliberately extend the proceedings allowing their clients to continue training un der “stays of proceedings” for waht appears like an eternity. At the end of the day, the perons charged are either guilty or not guilty. If they have nothing to hide and wish to defend themselves, surely they would want a speedy hearing and a quick outcome for all concerned. Most would not agree with the methods Darren Weir allegedly used with some of hos horses, however, Gallopers give Weir full marks for the haste in which he dealt with his accusations. They were here and gone within two weeks, and the entire industry got on with far more important matters, like punting and watching horse races, and isn’t that why we are all involved in the game? Racing authorities need to take these matters by the scruff of the neck, have them heard and resolved far more promptly than has been the case in recent times. Over to you Mr Stewards. Gallopers 3/3/2019
In Gallopers Humble Opinion
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