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Gallopers Horses To Follow

New South Wales




She Knows


Kens Dream

Holy Snow

Plien Ciel


Brooks Pleasure

Western Australia

Tellem We're Comin




South Australia

Tasmania & NT

Hellova Street

Gallopers Tip: If you are looking for a Horse To Follow yourself, find a youngster, 2yo,3yo or 4yo that has only had a handful of starts (no more than five or six starts) and has shown promise. Keep following them until they go three or four runs without a win, then give them away. Once a gallopers has reached the 20 start marker, they have also more than likely reached their class mark, and may struggle to win more races against younger more promising gallopers. So we would suggest avoiding any older horses or horses that have had more than 20 starts as a Horse To Follow. Also, make sure the horses you select are from strong stables that can get their charges fit and keep them improving, which will give them an opportunity to win plenty of races.